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Hot summer sees almost fourfold rise in flea population

The pest control company Rentokil has issued a warning that there has been a 295% increase in the nation’s flea population as a result of a mild winter followed by a humid summer.

The almost four fold rise in the flea population requires action by home owners suffering from flea bites.

Many people mistakenly believe that fleas live only on their pet dogs or cats. Only 5% of the fleas in a home live on pets, with the other 95% found in carpets, bedding and furniture.

Fleas often remain dormant in the home and only become active when the weather conditions are right. The tiny insects love the hot and humid summer weather, and breed rapidly, meaning a small flea infestation can soon escalate into a huge nuisance.

Pets should be regularly checked for fleas and flea treatment administered about once a month. Pet bedding should be washed weekly in very hot water to kill off eggs and fleas.

Rugs and pet bedding should be shaken and beaten outside to remove eggs and fleas, while foors and furniture should regularly be vacuumed. It is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners who will make sure that all fleas are removed from carpets.

If moving to a new home, thoroughly clean all areas and have all the carpets professionally cleaned.

In the war against fleas, using professional carpet cleaning in the Wirral or North Wales areas, which have had some very hot days this month, will help rid houses of these tiny but troublesome pests.

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