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Homeowners using mobile apps to design floors

Mobile phone apps are increasingly being used by homeowners to test out floor designs.

Many people have spent more time in their homes due to coronavirus lockdowns. This has prompted them to look at how they can improve their home. One popular home improvement is new flooring – many households are looking at replacing carpets with easier to clean floors that help protect the family against virus threats.

While a flooring retailer has samples of various types of laminate, wood and engineered wood flooring, it can sometimes be difficult to visualise how a particular floor design will look in the home. Paul Skeldon, writing for, recommends using mobile phone apps to imagine how different design ideas will look.

He recommends Home Design 3D as the easiest app to use. Downloaded onto a smartphone, users can quickly add engineered wood flooring to a room design, and if they are not satisfied with it, it is quick and easy to change the flooring material and colour.

Floor Plan Creator is perhaps the most impressive app. Users take a photo of their home and the app converts the photograph into a floor plan. The user can then select the type of flooring and add furniture to get a realistic view of how a new floor will look. Floorplans are seen from a 3D perspective and can also be printed out.

For those who might be unsure about installing wood flooring in their Cheshire home or workplace, a home design app could help to visualise it.

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