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Homeowners look ahead to the upcoming winter

With a noticeable change in temperature and fewer sunlight hours per day, the UK is looking ahead to a winter that is expected to be quite brutal – with homes potentially needing upgrades to withstand the cold weather. The AA recently released the results of a study suggesting that 22% of households in the UK required attention following domestic disasters in winter 2012.

The most common of these disasters – accounting for approximately 58% – involved central heating, with 15% of these households experiencing leaking roofs.

Whilst the repairs averaged £555.56, one in nine of those surveyed reported spending more than £1,000 to correct the damage. The AA went on to comment that issues with heating and plumbing are usually just the beginning of problems further down the line – and jobs that can appear minor at first often turn out to have a significant cost attached to them.

Central heating issues are both expensive and potentially hazardous to the health of a household, as family members become more exposed to the cold. People experiencing such problems are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from the harsh weather, whether it is purchasing a small portable heater or laying a rug down on solid flooring. Cheshire often experiences extremes of weather, owing to its rural setting and location within the North West.

Homeowners from the region, and indeed across the rest of the UK, are advised to prepare for winter and the potential for property damage it may bring.

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