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Home safety improvements to be 2022 top trend

The coronavirus pandemic has focused attention on health and safety, and improving safety in the home is expected to be a strong trend in 2022.

Shannon Lee, in a report for the home advice website, said:

“Pandemic woes meant staying at home quite a bit and that often led to realizations about safety in the home.”

Many install non slip flooring in Wirral and Cheshire homes to protect any elderly people living there. Younger households are now planning for when they become older and are adding safety improvements. Non slip flooring makes obvious sense in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, where slippery floors cause accidents, but any hard surface flooring can be a potential slip hazard. Hard floors, including wood and laminates, can be coated with non slip solutions. Non slip mats are advisable in areas used as home gyms.

As the Covid-19 virus is airborne, some households have installed air filtration and ventilation systems to prevent the spread of the virus.

Safety concerns over power cuts caused by climate change and extreme weather conditions have increased sales of backup generators that keep the home powered during blackouts.

With many working from home, rooms in the home are being converted to become multi use, with home office areas added. Home workers can benefit from ergonomically designed chairs that prevent back strain.

Many homeowners are proud of the interior decor of their homes, but in 2022, home safety could be as important as how a home looks.

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