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Home re-design shows that wood floors can have a different look

Dutch wood flooring manufacturers Hakwood have created wood floor tiles in black, white and grey that can form patterned wood floors that have a contemporary look far from the traditional brown wood style.

Dennis Interior Architects has re-designed a Netherlands home that highlights the striking effects that Hakwood wood tiles can create. A monochromatic kitchen has been covered in Hakwood black, grey and white tiles and these have been arranged in a pattern that creates an optical illusion of the floor being overplayed with 3D cubes.

The kitchen furniture is grey and black. To create a contrast with the monochrome look, a central counter is made from a gold hued metal that reflects the floor tiles. The walls are bare brick which also provides contrast.

The floor tiles are made from oak and ash. A Hakwood spokesperson said:

“European oak and ash possess a beauty rooted in nature. Characterised by a less prominent grain and neutral tan colour, the oak has a raw, natural appearance. Ash is defined by its blonde base tone and options for calm and bold variation,”

Solid wood flooring in Cheshire homes and workplaces is popular for its natural look and hard wearing qualities. Whilst most people go for the natural browns of oak or pine, many floor manufacturers offer different shaded wood flooring for people who want to create an impact with a non-traditional style. Light grey stained wood is popular for people wanting a more contemporary modern look.

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