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Home improvement more popular than moving house

A survey conducted on behalf of Wooden Blinds Direct (WBD) has shown that most British homeowners intend to stay put in 2015, preferring to revamp their current living space instead of moving.

The statistics showed that over 90 per cent of the sample would prefer to do DIY than sell their properties and make a fresh start. This finding is of relevance to those interested in carpet cleaning in Chestshire and elsewhere.

The survey found that rises in house prices did not seem to have much of an impact on the attitudes of the people in question; nor had the cut in stamp duty had a significant influence on sentiment yet.

Lee Fisher, a marketing manager for WBD, has said:

“The housing market is still volatile and that’s reflected in the results of our survey. People are more concerned with making the house they’re in more comfortable than moving out.”

Mr Fisher has stressed that improving a property is a cheaper option than moving. Only 6 per cent of survey respondents said that they wanted to improve their home with a view to making a sale in the course of 2015. Males were keener to spend more money than females.

However, the research did highlight considerable regional variations in opinion. This is consistent with the uneven nature of the British housing market.

Homeowners in Scotland said that they were intending to spend less on renovation and redecoration than their counterparts in the South West. In addition, aspirations to do DIY this year were stronger in the North East than in Scotland.

More information on the WBD survey can be found here.

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