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Home improvement lifehack: a guide to buying flooring

Flooring is a vital part of any home. Not only does it protect feet, but it helps to make the home feel warm and cosy, while ensuring that it looks stylish. That is why it is so important to choose the right type of floor, not only for each home, but for each room within.

There are so many different types of flooring available that it can sometimes be a difficult and confusing task. You may not know how to choose the option that is most suitable for your home, but if you keep reading, this should become clearer.

Every part of your home will need to be fitted with flooring of some kind. Here is our guide to the varieties that work best in each room:


The kitchen is a typically high-traffic area prone to spillages, due to the amount of cooking and the unavoidable presence of water. Therefore, it is important to choose kitchen flooring that is water resistant, durable and boasts a non-slip surface.

Vinyl is an optimum choice for the kitchen; it can easily be wiped clean, won’t stain, and will last reasonably well over the years if it is looked after.

If vinyl isn’t your thing, then ceramic tiles or laminate flooring may be a better fit. Both are water resistant, clean up quickly, and give a homely but luxurious feel.


The bathroom is slippery and wet, and it is one of the areas that can be tough to clean. Therefore, vinyl is again a good choice for the bathroom and can be softened with rugs and mats, to help prevent slippage.

Ceramic tile is another popular bathroom choice, but you should bear in mind that in this particular room of the house, it can be tough to clean.

Living room

The living room is an important family environment. It should be comfortable, inviting and attractive, which is why we would recommend a good quality carpet for this room. A thick carpet will stand up well to use, look great and feel fantastic underfoot.

If carpet isn’t your preference, however, traditional hardwood floors are just as impressive and tend to be much easier to maintain. They can be softened with rugs and soft furnishings to make them more comfortable.


Bedrooms do not receive as much traffic, nor are they likely to be troubled by many spills, so basically any flooring can be used here. However, carpet is always a good choice for the comfort factor, as are neutral colours that will blend well with any décor changes.

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