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High demand for wood flooring driven by green concerns

A new report has predicted that by 2024, worldwide consumption of wood flooring will rise to 16.2 billion square feet, and much of this growth will be from people seeking a more environmentally friendly floor covering.

The report “Wood Flooring – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics” by reveals that over the last two years, there has been a steady recovery in construction projects. There is also a growing concern about the environment, and this has led consumers to prefer green building materials with a low carbon footprint, such as wood.

Wood is recyclable and, when harvested from sustainable forests, is eco-friendly. It also aids energy efficiency, as it circulates heat rather than absorbing it.

Consumers want hard weathering, easy to maintain and natural-looking floors. Wood has all these features, alongside anti-allergy properties. Finished hardwood flooring resists stains and discolouration, and is available in a wide range of wood types and shades. Oak, mahogany, ebony, teak, rosewood and Narra are all popular types for wood floor coverings.

The report reveals that Europe is the largest market in the world for wood flooring. There has been a rapid rise in house buildings in European countries, with many builders installing solid wood floors.

An increasing number of home and business owners prefer wood flooring in their Cheshire homes and business premises. An added benefit for homeowners is that installing a new wooden floor can add value to a home and make it easier to sell.

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