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Herringbone is hot flooring trend for 2019

According to interior design experts, herringbone floor patterns have never gone out of fashion and are predicted to become more popular in 2019.

Herringbone patterns can be seen in Roman and Ancient Egyptian architecture. The name comes from the pattern’s resemblance to the zig-zag patterns of the bones of the herring fish. These designs can be created using luxury vinyl tiles or solid wood parquet flooring for a natural look.

Tara Benet, a designer based in New York says:

“What’s behind this trend is a desire to bring in natural looks and materials that have a sense of tradition. Mixing old with new and modern with traditional is a way to create a space with character.”

Jerith Bailey, a Chicago-based designer sees that herringbone satisfies a desire for simplicity and tradition. He says:

“[Herringbone] provides that subtle natural feel that consumers are craving. It’s interesting without being flashy.”

Herringbone pattern wood floors may cost more in terms of installation as you need expert installers to make sure that the lines of the herringbone pattern are accurate. Some designers recommend avoiding wood that has lots of graining as this will mean that the pattern has less impact.

If you are installing vinyl tiles or woodblock flooring in your Cheshire rooms, consider laying them in a herringbone pattern, as these are suitable for any style of room. It is a historical floor design that will not become dated in a few years’ time.

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