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Help to keep the elderly safe with nonslip flooring in North Wales

One of the biggest threats to the health of elderly people is having a fall. In fact, falling is a primary cause of death in men aged between 65 and 85 and women aged over 85. This is because a fall, which may be of little consequence to younger folk, can be much more problematic with older people who do not heal as easily.

Since falling is such a risk to the elderly, and nearly a fifth of residents of North Wales are aged over 65, it’s a very good idea for anyone who is caring for an older person, including the managers of care homes, to ensure that their homes are as safe as possible.

Nonslip flooring

When it comes to fall prevention, nonslip flooring in North Wales is one of the most important factors, not least because North Wales is a wet place at the best of times, and wet floors soon become slippery.

Of course, wet floors can also come about as a result of splashing around in the bathroom or kitchen or dropping drinks, so it is important for nonslip flooring to be installed not only in high-risk areas such as hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, but throughout a property.

It’s also useful for nonslip flooring to be used in places like hospitals, not only for the benefit of elderly people, who are frequent visitors, but also for the safety of staff and other vulnerable people. After all, injuries from falling are not confined to just the elderly.

It is easy to find good quality nonslip flooring in Liverpool and other areas close to North Wales, so making the average home less susceptible to slipping accidents should always be achievable.

Rugs and mats

Another thing that you should be aware of when trying to prevent incidents of the elderly falling is the problem or rugs, mats and runners. Even if you have nonslip flooring installed, these otherwise useful items can present a problem, because it is so easy for an elderly person to get their foot caught under them and proceed to fall over, or for a rug to slip and cause a fall. All things considered, it’s a wise idea to remove them altogether if possible, or at the very least tape them down with double sided tape so that the threat is eliminated.

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