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Hardwood floors recommended for property investors

Flooring experts have suggested that hardwood floors are a good investment for rental properties or houses for sale.

Despite a small fall in house prices during 2019 and legislation that has affected the buy to let housing market, profits can still be made from property investing.

Dawn Alcott, writing on the website Millionacres, has recommended renovating property before it is either rented or sold. In Cheshire, there are many people looking to rent or buy luxury properties. To attract buyers, or people looking for premium rented properties, Alcott recommends installing new floors to impress buyers or renters.

Homes with natural wood floors in Cheshire sell for up to 10% more. The cost of installing hardwood flooring can be made back when the house sells. Homes with wood floors also make property more attractive and easier to sell.

If an investor does not want the expense of solid wood, engineered wood is a less expensive alternative. It has a top layer of natural wood which makes engineered floors look identical to real wood. Engineered wood will not add as much value to property as solid wood, but it makes the home easier to sell then non-wood floor homes.

Dawn Alcott also recommends improving community spaces in apartment blocks, as these are the first impression that prospective renters get of the property. Wood floors are suitable for these community spaces. They may have higher footfall than individual apartments, but can be sanded and refinished if they are starting to look worn.

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