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Handcrafted engineered wood flooring released

Engineered wood is typically made in a factory by machines, but handcrafted engineered wood is now available to add a touch of luxury to a room.

An example of handcrafted flooring is by Tasmanian Timber, which makes engineered wood flooring from forests grown in southern Tasmania – an area with a cool climate, clean air and regular rainfall.

The timber from these forests has a natural look, which is ideal for making premium quality wood flooring. The grain is straight and consistent to create a smooth visual continuity. The engineered flooring planks are made by skilled craftsmen and finished in six modern colours. They have a 3.2mm natural Tasmanian Oak veneer, ideal for premium rooms designed to impress.

This engineered flooring is also made to last with a 25-year guarantee, and it is resistant to everyday foot traffic, even in busy commercial locations.

Tasmanian forests are managed sustainably, with fresh trees planted to replace those cut down. The manufacturing process also minimises waste.

There are now also British manufacturers that are handcrafting bespoke engineered wood flooring.

Handcrafted engineered flooring installed in Cheshire homes can be more expensive, but there are plenty of machine-made engineered flooring options also available to create a luxury feel. With a slight increase in investment, solid wood flooring is a beautiful, natural and long-lasting eco-friendly product.

Engineered or solid wood flooring also adds value to a property. The money invested in wood flooring can be partially or fully recouped when the property is sold.

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