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Hall restoration reveals that not all floor modernisation is good

The restoration project at Anstice Memorial Hall in Madeley, Shropshire has revealed that a few decades ago, laminate flooring was laid in the hall in a bad case of modernisation.

Anstice Memorial hall was the oldest working man’s club in England. It has been derelict for many years, but was recently bought by the local council for use as a community centre.

When the restoration workers examined the hall’s laminate flooring, they discovered that underneath the laminate were beautiful handmade tiles made at the local Jackfield tile factory, Maw & Co. The factory opened in 1873 and closed in 1970. At the end of the 19th Century, Maw & Co was the largest tile factory in the world, famous for their Art Deco and Art Nouveau tile designs.

In the name of modernisation, it appears that someone once made a decision to cover them up, but The tiles will be restored.

The ballroom area of the hall has a sprung wooden dance floor. After sanding and polishing, it is now fit for use as a dance floor again.

Laminate flooring can be inexpensive to purchase and install, and since most floors in Wirral homes and businesses do not contain existing historically important floor coverings, laminate flooring in Wirral buildings is a good choice. This is in terms of both aesthetics and ease of cleaning.

Quality wood flooring may not need replacing. Floor sanding and polishing, as is the case for the Anstice Hall ballroom floor, can breathe new life into an existing wood flooring in Wirral homes.

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