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Glass floor changes sports lines instantly

A new type of flooring developed by US firm ABS and has been made with two treated glass panels that sandwich LED lights.

The flooring is suitable for sports arenas and with the touch of a button, the LED lights form white lines that change according to the sport played. If basketball is being played, then the lights form a basketball layout, or for 5 a side football match they turn into a football pitch.

The flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Glass is normally seen as a slippery and fragile material that is unsuitable for floors, but the ABS glass has been treated so that it conforms to all sporting bodies specifications. It is non-slip and shock resistant and the makers claim that it is a better specification than standard sports flooring. It is 2.5 times more elastic than wooden floors.

ABS has also installed the floor at workshops, trade fairs and other events. The LED lights can be configured to display a company logo and slogan.

The ABS glass floor is available in the United States and so far, there is no British distributor. For sports halls, care homes, hospitals, and work areas where people are at risk of slipping, non-slip flooring reduces injury risks. If the flooring is also rubberised, then anyone that falls should not be injured.

If you need non slip flooring in your Cheshire workplace, your local floor installer will show you examples of flooring that looks good and is designed to prevent injuries from people slipping

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