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Gender differences when it comes to DIY

A recent survey by Nationwide Building Society highlighted some clear differences between men and women when it comes to DIY around the house which, before now, had been purely anecdotal. The survey found that whilst men are more likely to set a budget for their DIY endeavours, they are also more likely to go above this budget in the execution of such tasks.

Approximately 34% of men, as opposed to 30% of women, admit to going over their allocated budget, with blokes reporting that they are more likely to go into the project with a budget in the first place. This is a trend that seems to become exacerbated as men get older, with 35% of those over 55 going beyond their budget, compared to 19% of those aged between 18-24.

The battle of the sexes is apparent in this area, as evidenced earlier this month when the Huffington Post revealed that another survey – undertaken by the Command Brand from 3M – found that nearly half of women actually reported feeling anxious when they knew their partner was planning DIY projects. A fifth went on to say that one fix usually creates another issue that requires fixing.

This survey lists the top 10 mistakes that are made by “male DIY enthusiasts”, with two of the featured items being failure to both follow the instructions and also to go ahead and complete the job. Whether it’s putting up shelves upside down to poorly laid laminate flooring, from Liverpool to Lowestoft, the DIY enthusiast may aim to save money, but their intrepid spirit may belie inadequacy.

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