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Fractal contract flooring reduces workplace stress

In the USA, a trio of organisations have developed a range of contract flooring with fractal patterns that they claim has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

In workplaces where employees work primarily on computer monitors, they can take a break from their screens and look at the relaxing fractal patterns on the floor and this is claimed to have a refreshing effect.

Fractal patterns are created by repeating a simple equation over and over that tells a computer where to plot the pixels in a design. Fractals occur naturally in the patterns of leaves, shells and other natural objects.

The team behind Relaxing Floors, 13&9 and Mohawk Group, have worked closely with Richard Taylor, founder of Fractals Research and professor of art and psychology at the University of Oregon. Taylor noticed that people in hospital recovered quicker if they could see out of a window at nature.

Fractal patterns are based on nature, so he wanted to see if fractals have a beneficial effect on people who do not work in an environment with a view of the natural environment. His research suggested that fractals do have a beneficial effect and this led to the creation of the Relaxing Floor project.

There has been no published research on how the design of contract flooring in Cheshire workplaces influences worker well-being. However, colour theory suggests that some flooring colours are more relaxing than others, but Professor Taylor’s research shows that the pattern of a floor could have a beneficial effect on reducing stress.

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