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Four reasons to install engineered flooring in Wirral rooms

Engineered flooring has the look of natural wood at less cost. There are many reasons why you should consider installing engineered flooring in Wirral homes or business premises, and here are four of the biggest:

1. Long-lasting

Engineered wood has a real wood veneer at the surface and underneath there are layers which make the boards strong and stable. In the home, engineered wood floors can last between 60 and 80 years, which is not as long as solid wood, but engineered wood is longer-lasting than many other floor coverings.

If engineered wood becomes worn, it can be restored by sanding. Depending on the thickness of the veneer it can be sanded more than once, though not as many times as solid wood.

Engineered wood is both good-looking and long-lasting, and is suitable for both residential and commercial premise use.

2. Cost

When it comes to purchasing expensive items for the home, Wirral people are interested in value for money. Compared to many types of solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood costs less. Top grade engineered wood floors may be more expensive than cheaper grade alternatives, but engineered wood is quicker to install so installation costs should be less.

3. Easy to maintain

Engineered wood is easy to maintain. It is more water resistant than solid wood, though if your Wirral building is flooded, engineered wood will probably be damaged. Engineered wood is fine for rooms with outside exits.

Wirral has a high annual rainfall, so expect people to come in from outside with water dripping from their clothes, and leaving muddy footprints. As long as liquid and mud are wiped up immediately, the floor will be fine.

Dust and dirt can be brushed or removed using a vacuum cleaner. Like most flooring, spills should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent staining. Most engineered wood will be protected by a lacquer or other protective coating that makes the surface easy to clean. Businesses that install engineered wood flooring in the Wirral will not need to employ someone to spend a long time cleaning the floor.

4. Many styles

There is a large selection of engineered wood styles to suit all room looks from traditional to contemporary. The top layer is made from real woods that include oak, walnut, beech, cherry, ash and maple. Colours range from light to dark browns, or grey looks good in contemporary style rooms.

Engineered wood comes in different thickness from 7mm to 30mm, with the thicker boards tending to cost more, but they can be sanded more often than thin ones. Your floor covering supplier will have a selection of samples for you to look at.

There are several board widths available, including extra wide ones. Boards can be laid parallel to each other, or chevron and parquet looks can be achieved by laying boards diagonally.

If you want the look of solid wood on your Wirral floors, engineered wood is a good alternative to hardwood flooring.

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