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Floors used to generate energy from people

An innovative floor manufacture is harnessing the energy of moving people to generate electricity.

When people think about renewable energy, solar power or wind turbines usually come to mind; they do not normally consider people

generating electricity. Science museums often feature exercise bikes that are used to power a light bulb when someone pedals, but the amount of energy generated this way is small.

A busy nightclub however has hundreds of people dancing. A hectic shopping mall or railway station has thousands of people an hour walking on its floors. Energy Floors is a company based in the Netherlands and has created the Sustainable Energy Floor that converts the kinetic energy of people walking, running or dancing, into electricity.

A person stepping or moving on a floor generates between 2 to 20 joules of energy depending on their weight, how fast they move and the power of their step.

Sustainable Energy Floors come in two main models, pedestrian floors and dance floor installations. Each section of the dance floor flexes slightly when stepped on and this is connected to a generator that produces between 5-20 watts from each step.

Floors can be standalone installations or integrated into renewable energy grids where several renewable energy sources are combined to provide energy. The company also produce the SEF Solar floor that generates energy from both solar power and footsteps.

Imagine, in the future when you install contract flooring in your Cheshire business you could have the option to generate power from the floor.

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