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What are the flooring trends of 2018 according to Pinterest?

Pinterest, a website where users share photos and ideas about home design, makes for an excellent place to spot top flooring trends for 2018.

Terrazzo floors were popular in the 1970s, but the trend is returning and Pinterest terrazzo pictures have increased by 316%. In user-generated pictures terrazzo, appears on ceilings as well as floors. It is an ideal covering for entrance ways and porches.

Herringbone patterns are making a comeback as well. Laying tiles, or wood block flooring, in a herringbone pattern adds interesting dimensions to interiors. Pinterest has had a 131% increase in the savings of herringbone pattern designs.

Although sage has not been named as the Pantone colour of the year, saves on Pinterest of designs that feature sage have increased by 170%. It is a neutral tone that can work well on floors, especially in bedroom areas where people usually prefer cool or muted colours.

Engineered wood flooring is popular on Pinterest, especially ones that have the distressed look to make them look as though they have been installed a few decades ago.

Another look found on Pinterest is the mismatched look. An example of this is a floor that has hexagonal floor tiles at one end and laminate floor planks at the other, fitted together to create the illusion of the tiles morphing into the wood.

When installing new solid flooring in your North Wales home or business premises, Pinterest is a good place to find inspiring ideas and trends that are likely to be popular this year.

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