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Flooring third most popular renovation of 2020

A survey by Checkatrade discovered that replacing flooring was the third most popular home renovation in 2020, and 22% of homeowners said they planned to change their flooring in the future.

Revamping the garden was the second most popular renovation, and the top renovation was redecorating rooms.

The Checkatrade survey found that that homeowners in the UK spent an average of £2,608 on home improvements in 2020, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year. This rise was likely due to the lockdown and homeowners saving money on social activities and holidays. People in the North West spent an average of £2,400 on renovations, which is a 23% rise compared to 2019.

Before considering installing new flooring, Jonathan Magill of Strike, the online estate agents, pointed out to This is Money that if a house already has wood floors, they may not need replacing. He noted that some homeowners are not aware that they have wood floors because they are covered in carpets. Properties can become more attractive by simply removing carpets to reveal the original wood floors.

Wood floors can be refinished to look like new by sanding and applying a topcoat of wood protector.

Installing new wood flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes can be expensive, but wood adds financial value to the home and will last a long time. This makes wood a great investment in the long term. A less expensive option is engineered flooring, which has a top layer of real wood.

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