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Flooring that can be used with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is more popular than ever thanks to its ability to use less energy whilst maintaining the same level of comfort, thus allowing those who have it installed to dramatically cut their energy bills.

If you are thinking about having underfloor heating installed, you may also be wondering which types of flooring can be used with the technology, which is why we have but together this brief guide:


Most people would naturally assume that carpets and underfloor heating are incompatible but it is not necessarily the case. Provided that you choose carpeting that is less than 2.5 tog, you will still be able to get the benefits of underfloor heating whilst using it.


Stone is often believed to be the best flooring medium to use with underfloor heating because it is able to hold onto warmth well, but they are not always practical for all rooms. However, if you want to ensure your kitchen and bathroom areas are kept warm, you can’t really go wrong with natural stone flooring.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring in Liverpool and other cities is very popular, not only because it looks great, but also because it has longevity and can increase a house’s value. As luck would have it, it is also very compatible with underfloor heating, being as it is an excellent thermal conductor. However, you should take care to choose wood that is of the right thickness if you want to get the most from your underfloor heating.

Vinyl and laminate flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring are also very popular thanks to their affordability and general versatility. Most flooring of these types can be used successfully with underfloor heating, with the added advantage that they will heat up relatively quickly, but because they are so thin, it is always best to check with the manufacturer before using with an underfloor heating system.


No matter what kind of flooring you choose to install over you underfloor heating, it is always a good idea to first install a layer of insulation. Not only will this help your system to be as efficient as possible, but it will ensure that your floor is comfortably warm at all times.

It is always advisable that you seek professional advice before installing an underfloor heating system, if only to ensure that you don’t waste your time and money installing unsuitable flooring.

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