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Flooring firm specialises in dog-friendly floors

A new Boston flooring company has developed a range of floors designed for dogs. The owner of the company, Tracy Topliss, had a disabled dog who slipped on her laminate flooring. She found it difficult to find solid flooring that was safe for her dog, so she decided to develop her own.

Her company is called Floors for Paws and has developed a range of floor coverings especially for people with pets. The floors have a deep grain for grip and a double wear layer to make the floors durable.

Tracy Topliss claims:

“My floor has had paint, glitter, pen, play dough, numerous muddy paws and wellie boots on it and it still looks like new.”

Floors For Paws flooring is not available in the UK. If you want solid flooring in your North Wales home and have pets, vinyl flooring is resilient, easy to clean and pet friendly. Vinyl with texture is good for pets to grip. Modern vinyl is soft and quiet when pets walk on them.

Good quality laminate flooring is scratch and stain resistant, but their smooth surface may not be suitable for dogs as they could slip on them.

Hardwood floors could be scratched by large dogs so may not be the best choice for people with large pets.

When installing new solid flooring in your North Wales home and you have pets, consider the impact your pets could have on the floor

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