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Flooring experts offer advice on choosing hardwood flooring

If you are deciding on what type of hardwood flooring is suitable for your Cheshire home, it can be useful to ask for advice from leading architects and flooring specialists.

Tim McKeough, writing for the New York Times asked for tips and advice from flooring specialists.

Chris Sy, of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, told McKeough that he recommends white oak flooring as it is durable and stains well to customise the colour to suit the room style. However, architect Elizabeth Roberts does not share this view and doesn’t recommend staining floors, but believes that oak darkened by the fuming process is acceptable.

Mr Hammel of the Hudson Company likes quarter-sawn boards that create linear appearance and faint striping. He says:

“The prized feature are these medullary rays, which some people call tiger stripes.”

Reclaimed wood is another option. These can have cracks, nail holes and saw bladed marks that add character.

Architect Jane Kim recommends installing unfinished wood flooring. After installation, it is sanded flat and coated with a protective layer. This creates the effect of a solid floor without gaps.

The best board size is dependent on the room dimensions. Wide boards are better in large rooms and can be installed in various patterns. For smaller rooms, the experts recommend narrow boards in a straightforward arrangement. According to one expert:

“The goal is to create something timeless — not to make your entire home look like it’s three boards wide.”

If you are choosing hardwood flooring for your Cheshire home, listen to guidance from experts, but above all choose what looks good to you.

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