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Flooring company helps tornado victims

Amid the local community, a flooring company and other local businesses are helping residents of Springfield, Massachusetts, make their tornado hit home habitable.

During the recent UK bad weather many homes

in North Wales were heavily damaged by floods. After the water has subsided, many houses need major repairs. Solid wood flooring in North Wales flood damaged homes may have to be completely replaced, amongst many other issues families may face as a result of the storms.

Not everyone is fully insured to make the repairs needed and this is particularly problematical for low income families. An example from the United States shows that there are ways that the community can come together to help victims of natural disasters.

A tornado hit Springfield Massachusetts in 2011 and today, four years later, victims are still dealing with the aftermath. The family house of Isidoro and Alejandrina Mulero suffered significant damage. Their house insurance did not cover repairs and they could not afford to fund the full cost of the work. Volunteers from the community and the Springfield Revitalize Community Development Corp came together to renovate the Mulero home.

The Revitalize Community Development Corp helps low-income families; the elderly and military veterans repair, modify and renovate houses.

The Mulero family approached a local flooring company, Baystate Rug and Flooring, for assistance and the company agreed to install the flooring in the house free of charge. Their company motto is “how can I make today a better day?” and their generous offer demonstrated their commitment to help the community.

In Britain, communities affected by floods have been raising money and providing practical help for flood victims.

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