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Flooring adapts to university students’ changing needs

The habits and attitudes of modern university students has changed over the years, and this is reflected in the floor covering choices for modern campuses.

University libraries were once places of silence, and to accommodate this, carpets were used to dampen sound. Modern students still regard libraries as places to access information, but they also use them as social areas. At the University of Tennessee, the library even has a branch of Starbucks. The library is divided into quiet carpeted zones, and social zones with hard surfaces.

Students used to study and work at desks in formal areas, but now tend to use a laptop and are much more flexible in where they work. They value co-working spaces, or in good weather may prefer to work outdoors. Students want a homely environment, the opposite of a traditional looking academic or corporate type space with rows of desks. To support them new or renovated university buildings are creating hospitable spaces with bright floor designs and comfortable furniture.

Studies in the United States have shown that students visit a number of universities before choosing where they want to study. Their choices are heavily influenced by their attitude to the design of the university buildings.

When installing new solid flooring in your Cheshire offices, it is worth finding out the attitudes of the workforce, especially the younger ones. The way they like to work can result in increased productivity, and this is influenced by the design of the building, including the floors.

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