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Floor treatment supplier donates to BBC veteran’s project

The building material company Weber Saint-Goblain recently gifted a large amount of their Weber floor 4310 levelling compound to the BBC program DIY SOS Home for Veterans special.

Presenter Nick Knowles organized the renovation project for 62 houses in a rundown street in Manchester. A team of volunteers completed the project in just 15 days. Amongst the volunteers were Prince Harry and Prince William.

The building materials company Weber Saint-Goblain donated sacks of Floor 4310, which is a floor screed used for renovation. The product was ideal for the project as it can be applied quickly using a pump, and the treated floor can be walked on after just two hours.

Floor 4310 is often used to renovate damaged solid flooring in Liverpool, Manchester and other homes in the North West. It forms a smooth and durable surface that can be covered in carpet, wood, laminates or tiles.

Home for Veterans’ aim was to create affordable housing for ex-servicemen. With approximately 635,000 houses lying empty in Britain today, the program highlighted the need to put empty properties to good use.

Many ex-servicemen find themselves homeless, and the Home for Veterans program, demonstrated that there can be solutions that can help these heroes. As part of the Manchester project, a building was converted to a support centre to provide help and support for ex-servicemen’s physical and emotional needs.

Veterans also worked on the project and learned skills that can help them find jobs.

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