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Floor sanding – helping your Liverpool floors look like new

Wooden floors last a long time but can look tired and worn after a while. Luckily, floor sanding can restore your floors so that they look new again.

Liverpool weather

There is a lot to love about Liverpool. The people are friendly with a great sense of humour, and there is a rich history as witnessed by its great buildings such as the Liver Building, the two cathedrals and the Royal Albert Dock. Then you have such legacies as The Beatles, who made Liverpool known throughout the world.

What the people of Liverpool do not love so much is the weather. With frequent rain, Liverpool floors are trampled over by muddy shoes and boots. Mopping wooden floors removes some of the dirt, but over time it becomes ingrained and needs a little more care than a quick once-over with a mop.

The hidden particle dangers in floors

As well as dirt and stains that you can see on a wooden floor, there are hidden particles. A study at the University of Arizona found that 90% of all people that walk on floors transfer bacteria from their shoes. Floors can also contain mould and pollen that can trigger reactions in people that suffer from allergies.

Liverpool may be a great place, but its pavements are far from clean and contain lots of bacteria, which is picked up by shoes and then transferred to floors.

Regularly cleaning of wooden floors removes a lot of this harmful material, but some can become trapped in the wood grains. Natural wood flooring has lots of grooves that can trap particles. Sanding out these grooves means that less dirt and particles are trapped. After sanding, less time needs to be spent on cleaning floors, as dirt will be lifted more easily.

The look of the floor

Sanding a thin layer off a wooden floor makes the wood look fresh and new. After the floor has been sanded, it can be varnished to protect it. A coloured stain can be applied to create a different and vibrant new look to a room.

Wooden floors are a natural product that looks great, and can enhance the decor of any room. Sanding wooden floors keep them looking the way they should.

Make your floor last

Depending on the thickness of the wooden floor, sanding can be performed up to around 10 times, which considerably extends the life of the floor. Solid wooden flooring is not the cheapest option, but by extending its life, you can save money in the long term compared to cheap flooring that has to be renewed every few years.

Wooden flooring is suitable for the home and in busy workplaces, and modern installations can last for a century or more.

Old wooden floors were usually varnished, but today’s floor finishes are formulated to better protect the floor. After sanding, coating the floor with a modern varnish can add another 10 years to the life of the floor.

Floor sanding in Liverpool is the best way to keep wooden floors looking like new.

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