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Floor sanding brings your Wirral floor back to life

If you have wooden floors that look tired and worn, floor sanding will bring them back to life.

Caring for a wooden floor

The Wirral is a great region to live in, but not if you want a warm and dry climate all year round. Weather statistics show that every month, there at least ten days when it rains. Muddy wet shoes walking on solid wood floors makes them dirty, but everyday dirt is easy to clean. Loose debris can be removed with a dustpan and brush or a vacuum cleaner, while ingrained dirt can be cleaned with a mop.

Over time though, a wooden floor can get scratched and look worn, and no amount of cleaning will restore the floor. This is when you need your floor sanding.

Hire a professional

Some people hire a floor sanding machine and do the floor sanding themselves. For a number of reasons, this is not recommended.

Unless you are an expert at using do-it-yourself floor sanders, you risk ruining your floor. Sanding machines need a lot of practice to master. After sanding by an inexperienced person, the floor may look shabby and a professional floor sander will need to be called in the rectify the damage, thus making the job bigger and more expensive, not to mention wasting your own time and effort.

After sanding the floor, it is unprotected so needs treating with varnish. If the wrong varnish is used, the floor could be damaged; for example, Rosewood should not be treated with a water-based varnish. If you want to change the colour of the floor, it can be stained and coated with clear varnish on top of the stain. Varnish finishes can be matt, satin or gloss. A professional floor sander will discuss all your options for treating the floor after sanding.

A professional floor sander is able to guarantee their work. They have a professional reputation to maintain and will only employ well-trained sanding machine operators.

Wood dust created by the sander can be dangerous if breathed in. Professional cleaners will wear the correct face mask and have ear protectors. Amateurs operating floor sanders for the first time may not be aware of what measures they need to take to protect their health.

Most floor sanding machines use sandpaper. A professional operator knows when to change the sandpaper and which grade to use for each type of wood floor.

You could be tempted to save money by using sandpaper wrapped around a block and sanding the floor by hand. Sadly, this will take forever and you may well be unhappy with the fruits of your considerable labour when finished.

Solid wood floors look good

A solid wooden floor looks great in Wirral homes and workplaces and is a popular flooring choice if you want a floor that looks good and is durable.

Wirral people are friendly and have lots of visitors coming into their homes. Wirral businesses attract many customers to their premises. Eventually, wood floors that once looked pristine will start to wear. Fortunately, they will not need replacing, as professional floor sanding can make them look like new again.

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