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Floor covering manufacturer aims to be carbon negative by 2040

Flooring manufacturer, Interface is aiming to be a carbon negative company by 2040.

Many home and business owners are concerned about the effect they have on the environment. They choose floor coverings that contain recycled materials such as luxury vinyl tiles and hardwood floors produced with recycled wood. This lessens the impact on the environment, but manufacturing these floor coverings still results in carbon emissions.

Speaking at the Global Action Summit in September 2018, Jay Gould of Interface said that by 2020, Interface would be a carbon neutral company, and be carbon negative in 2040. To achieve carbon negative status, more carbon must be removed from the atmosphere than is created.

Interface produces luxury vinyl and carpet tiles. In 2017, it showed that carbon negative production is possible by manufacturing a prototype of a carpet tile that was carpet negative.

The company uses clean alternative energy sources and is developing systems that minimise carbon emissions. It is demanding the same high environmental standards from its suppliers and is encouraging other companies to follow its example.

The chief executive of the European Climate Foundation said:

“For years, many companies have been pursuing carbon neutrality as a matter of responsible governance, but now, leading companies are thinking much more ambitiously and pushing the boat out to completely drive emissions out of their operations.”

For environmentally friendly solid flooring in your Liverpool home or business, ask your flooring supplier to show you its selection of green floor coverings.

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