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Floor covering awarded certification

The Living Product Challenge Petal Certification is set to be awarded to a floor covering for the first time.

The Living Product Challenge is designed to inspire manufacturers to develop products that are inspirational, healthy and give back to the environment. Outstanding products are awarded the Petal certification. The first floor covering to receive the award is lichen flooring made by the Mohawk Group, a US floor covering manufacturer.

Lichen flooring was designed by Jason F. McLennan and his team at the Living Product Challenge. The floor covering features patterns inspired by lichen plants and is available in many colours. Lichen uses sustainable materials that create a minimum carbon footprint and is available as carpet tiles for installation in the workplace or home.

To achieve Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, products have to be healthy and free from toxins. Manufacturers must have social responsibility and respect workers’ right. Products must have a net positive effect on the environment and people.

The Living Product Challenge was created in response to architects and designers who wanted manufacturers to be more transparent about providing information concerning the health and environmental impact of products designed for interior and exterior use in buildings.

Lichen flooring is not widely available in the UK, but there are types of solid floor coverings in the Cheshire area for people concerned about the environment. Cork and bamboo flooring are made from sustainable sources. Some vinyl and linoleum floor coverings are manufactured from recycled materials. Many hardwood floors use wood harvested from sustainable forests.

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