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Five myths about engineered flooring for your Liverpool home

Myth 1: Engineered wood flooring is fake

Laminate uses a printed pattern that resembles wood, but engineered flooring, in contrast, features a real hardwood veneer on the visible surface, so you’re actually looking at genuine wood grain. Even a HDF core is made from real wood—it’s just been compacted to make it denser and more resistant to impact.

Myth 2: Engineered flooring doesn’t last

If you’re not looking to leave Liverpool any time soon, you’re sure to want a floor that lasts. Despite being cheaper than solid wood flooring, engineered flooring doesn’t mean sacrificing durability. The engineered cores used in these floors are designed to provide structural stability, and a high-quality finish can protect the veneer from daily wear and tear.

Myth 3: Engineered floors are only good for cellars

Many older houses in Liverpool have cellars where dampness would preclude a solid wood floor, even if you wanted to spend this much on a secondary space. Engineered floors are certainly suitable for cellars, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them in other areas.

Myth 4: Engineered floors can’t be re-sanded

Some engineered floors can be re-sanded at least once if they have a sufficiently thick veneer. Even those that can’t be sanded can be professionally polished to restore lustre.

Myth 5: Your friends will think you’re cheap

With its real hardwood veneer, engineered flooring can be indistinguishable from a solid wood floor. You may even be able to use an exotic species that would be otherwise unaffordable.

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