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Five carpet cleaning myths Liverpool residents can debunk

Many Liverpool homes and offices have floors covered in carpets. A high-quality carpet looks and feels great, and can benefit from regular cleaning by professional carpet cleaners.

However, there are many myths about carpet cleaning that prevent people from caring for their carpets as they should. Here are five of them.

1. Professional carpet cleaning means that I do not have to vacuum my carpets

Deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners does not replace the need to regularly vacuum up the crumbs, dirt, pet hairs, dust and assorted debris that lands on carpets – especially in Liverpool, where the cold and wet climate often leads to muddy shoes!

Prior to a visit by a professional carpet cleaner, vacuum the carpet to pick up the loose debris, as this will make it easier for the carpet to do the job of thoroughly deep cleaning the carpet, removing dirt that gets trapped deep inside the carpet pile.

2. Professional carpet cleaning is rough and can ruin the original look of the carpet

Modern carpet cleaning machines and the chemicals they use are completely safe. They are a firm but gentle way to reach between the carpet fibres and remove the dirt without damaging the fibres. If your carpet has lost its bright colour because of dirt or stains, carpet cleaning can make it look like new.

3. I only need to clean my carpet if it looks dirty

Some people wait until their carpet looks dirty, or has stains, before calling in the carpet cleaners. The reason to clean a carpet even if it looks fine is to remove the dust, pollen and pet hair that can irritate people who are allergic to them. Just because you cannot see dirt and debris does not mean that, deep down, your carpet is clean.

4. Carpet cleaning attracts mould

As many carpet cleaning processes use moisture, some people falsely believe that this will leave the carpet wet and could encourage mould to grow. As long as you allow time for the carpet to dry, this will not happen. Many modern carpet cleaners will dry the carpet as it is cleaned, leaving the carpet without moisture at the end of the process.

5. All professional carpet cleaners are the same

Some cleaners use a dry carpet cleaning process that leave chemicals in the carpet after they have finished, while others use old, worn out equipment or try to save money by using the cheapest cleaning liquids that they can buy.

Make sure that you use a high-quality carpet cleaning company that cleans all the fibres in your carpet, especially if you have deep pile carpets. A professional carpet cleaner should use the best carpet cleaning machines available and be proud to do a thorough job.

Carpet cleaning is essential maintenance for your Liverpool carpets. A high-quality professional carpet cleaner will safely clean your carpet without damaging it, and this will make your floors look like new again.

These five carpet cleaning myths are just that – myths. Don’t let them fool you!

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