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Fathers are doing DIY for their adult children

A survey has shown that both men and women are relying on their fathers for assistance with their DIY until they are about 40.

A spokesperson, involved in the commissioning of the survey, has said:

“People will admit their DIY skills aren’t one of their strong points, but it is surprising to see this younger, supposedly gadget-obsessed, generation, running to dad at the sight of a power tool. The older generation were fixers at their core but younger people seem scared to have a go and prefer to buy new.”

The results of the research project show that about three-quarters of women seek help from their fathers in this area. However, the majority of men were apparently just as dependent on parental help. Nevertheless, some of the sample of 2,000 people argued that they got help from their dads because it was mutually beneficial.

The range of jobs mentioned in the study included basic plumbing, car maintenance, and wall construction. Some individuals claimed that they were happy to use the skills of their fathers because it reduced expenditure on professionals. However, some tasks do need to be performed by experts, like carpet cleaning in Liverpool.

The vast majority of people who rely on parental help think that their dads enjoy the experience. This may be why a considerable proportion of those surveyed feel it is appropriate to depend on the expertise and labour of their fathers until it is no longer possible to do so.

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