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Famous rock venue’s wood floor turned into souvenirs

The old wood floor at Rock City in Nottingham is being turned into thousands of souvenirs that are being sold to fans of this famous venue.

Many iconic rock stars have played at Rock City including David Bowie, The Smiths and Nirvana and now, the wood floor of the venue has been pulled up. Craftsman Darren Shaw is painstakingly cleaning pieces of the Canadian maple floor of their alcohol stains and removing any nails. The pieces of flooring are then decorated with Rock City logos and being sold between £25 and £35 depending on size.

Darren says that the cleaning process does not clear everything. Some stains that have been there for years have mixed in with the varnish. Whilst the flooring pieces have been thoroughly cleaned, there will still be some authenticity there.

About 3,000 pieces will be available, but 15,000 people have applied to purchase one. Promotions manager at Rock City, Adam Wood said:

“If you know anything about this legendary venue, you’ll certainly know it’s always been famed for its sticky floor and has even been dubbed ‘Rock Sticky’. It’s exciting to see these pieces transformed into iconic keepsakes and I’m sure fans will enjoy getting their hands on them soon.”

Solid wood floors in Cheshire homes and businesses look good and are durable. Most businesses are not as famous as Rock City, so will not be able to sell pieces of their old wood floors. A wood floor can last for 75 years or more, after which the wood can be recycled into other floor coverings.

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