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Experts suggest adding rugs to wood floor bedrooms can improve sleep

Flooring experts advise that putting a large rug or carpet in a bedroom with a wood floor can help promote better sleep.

After a long and hectic day, most people want to drift off to sleep easily, but a poorly designed bedroom can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Natalie Dautovich, an environmental fellow of the National Sleep Foundation, says:

“There are things we can do to improve the bedroom that will help us to fall asleep more easily, return to sleep when we wake up during the night and stay asleep until our desired wake time.”

She says that the ideal bedroom is dark, cool and quiet, with conditions being almost cave-like. Neutral colours like white and light greys are calming and restful, whereas velvet curtains have acoustic qualities to help keep the room quiet and stop light from leaking into the room.

To make a room with wooden floors quieter and warmer, add a rug or carpet that retains the wood border. Rugs or carpets should be soft, ideally make from wool, cotton or other natural fibres. A designer Lee Cavanaugh suggests, this will make it nicer when waking in the night as you won’t have to step onto a cold wooden floor.

Wood flooring in Wirral homes is a popular choice. To improve your room and to help get a better night’s sleep, design experts recommended adding soft rugs or a small carpet next to the bed to step out onto a comforting surface when getting into and out of bed. This will also make the room quieter enabling better sleep.

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