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Experts outline 2017 floor design trends

Numerous experts in the field of flooring have had their say on the potential big floor design trends for 2017.

The new year is a time to reflect on the previous 12 months and look forward to the next. Interior design experts have speculated on the trends they expect to be big in 2017, as well as analysing trends they believe will die out in the coming year.

Aamir Khandwala, a New York based designer, says that dark wooden floors are out in favour of much lighter woods such as oak and birch. Recycled wooden floors are also predicted to be on their way out.

Another New York designer, Mariela Alvarez thinks that terrazzo flooring will make a comeback in 2017. She said:

“[Terrazzo is] one of those classics people underestimate. It’s almost indestructible and great for floors.”

Designer Michael Mitchell says that the new colour trend for 2017 is forest green, a dark green which looks fresh especially when contrasted with greys, black or white. The popularity of pink is predicted to wane.

Designer Alexandra Champalimaud says that cork is a good way to add style or warmth to a room. Cork can feature on the walls as well as being used as a floor covering.

When choosing a solid floor covering for your Cheshire home, you want it to be stylish and hard wearing so that it will last for many years. You may be influenced by the latest design trends, but ultimately, design is a personal choice and does not have to be dictated by what is on or out of fashion.

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