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Experts advise how to store wood floor panels during coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has caused flooring stockists to close. Many are storing large quantities of wood flooring that needs to be stored carefully. People that have bought wood flooring for Wirral homes may have had the wood planks delivered, but are now waiting for installation.

Fiona Russell-Horne, the editor of Builders Merchants Journal says that wood needs to be stored flat in an indoor, clean and dry area.

Flooring expert Rob Eckersley has advised on storing engineered and other wood flooring in the home. He says:

“Never stand packs or boards on their ends. Wood flooring needs to be stored in an environment that has a relative humidity of between 35-65% with a consistent temperature.”

If renovation work has already started but ceased because of the currents situation, there may be wood planks stored in rooms. Wood does not like moisture. As long as the wood is stored away from moisture sources, it should be fine. If plastering is being done by a member of the household, wet plaster should be kept away from stored wood.

Garages are not ideal for storing wood flooring as they can be damp. If wood flooring has been delivered to the garage, move it indoors. Don’t open wood floor packs prior to installation.

Wood is a popular natural floor covering in Wirral homes but needs to be treated with care. As long as storage guidelines are followed, keeping wood floor planks safe until they can be installed is not difficult.

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