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Expert warns against damaging laminate cleaning practices

Cleaning laminate and wood floors with boiling water or steam mops can cause severe damage, according to a flooring expert.

Wood and laminate floors should be cleaned at least once a week, but Declan Christie, the founder of a luxury flooring company, says that how the floor is cleaned is important. According to, he said:

“There’s a notion of ‘the hotter the better’ when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting with water – although this is not the case [with flooring].”

Christie explained that applying boiling water directly to the floor can cause severe damage. Boiling water expands wood flooring, causing floorboards to become uneven or cracked. Boiling water can be corrosive to engineered and laminate flooring.

Steam is also damaging to wood flooring because of both its hot temperature and humidity. Christie only recommends steam mops for vinyl flooring. Wood and laminate floors should be cleaned with lukewarm water using a mop or sponge. An alternative to using just water is a cleaning solution specially formulated for wood or laminate flooring. Consumers can make their own cleaning solution made from water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and essential oils.

After the floor has been cleaned, householders should wipe over it with lukewarm water to remove any remaining cleaning solution, which could be harmful to pets and children. Using too much water should be avoided.

Solid wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring in Wirral and Cheshire rooms should last a long time, provided the floor is regularly cleaned and high-temperature water is avoided.

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