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Expert reveals best ways to look after wood flooring

Flooring expert Marc Husband has shared his top tips for keeping wood floors looking immaculate.

People with wood flooring in their Cheshire and Wirral homes love wood for its natural beauty and durability. To keep the floor in great condition, they can follow the simple tips shared by Husband to

To prevent scratches, always vacuum prior to mopping, as dragging dirt across the floor can cause scratches. Don’t use a hard bristle vacuum cleaner, which can damage floors – use a soft bristle brush if your vacuum cleaner is unsuitable.

Some households mix their own floor cleaning solutions to save money by using common household items, such as vinegar and baking soda. However, vinegar is too acidic and baking soda is too abrasive. Use a pH-balanced floor cleaning solution. This may be more expensive than making your own cleaner, but it will protect the wooden floor from costly damage.

Timber doesn’t like moisture, so don’t use a steam cleaner or soggy mop on wood flooring. If using a mop, wring it out well before using. Clean spills promptly before moisture is absorbed into the wood.

Buy a high-quality doormat for the room entrance to remove the dirt off of someone’s shoes before they enter the room.

If a wood floor is scratched, don’t worry – it can be repaired, though this is best left to an expert. Expect a solid wood floor to last for many decades. If it does become worn and scratched, it can be sanded and refinished to make a floor look new again.

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