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What to expect from a wood flooring installation in your Liverpool home

A wooden floor can bring a truly unique beauty and warmth to a room. If you’ve decided to have a solid wood floor installed in your Liverpool home and make your home interior as classy as the city itself, here’s a quick guide to what you can expect, because any new floor inevitably involves a little disruption.

Choosing a fitter

A solid wood floor is a considerable investment, so you’ll want to ensure that it is going to be installed by a suitably skilled professional. If you cannot get a direct recommendation from someone, pick a firm that specialises in laying floors and has a strong background in wood flooring. You could also ask to see examples of any previous installations.

Any good flooring company will offer you a free, no-obligation quotation. Sometimes, however, the estimate will assume that the subfloor is in a good enough condition, so it may be wise to enquire into how any sub-floor preparation may affect the total cost.

You will also need to decide whether you prefer the company to work on a supply-and-fit basis, where it provides both the materials and installation, or a fit-only basis, where you source the materials yourself from a third party supplier and pay the company to install the floor.

If any building restrictions apply, you will want to inform the company about this before going any further. For example, apartments and flats usually require that you respect the comfort and wellbeing of other residents, especially those below. This may mean that extra precautions need to be taken to prevent noise pollution. You may even need to consider another option, such as a floating engineered wood floor over a soundproofing acoustic underlay.

Preparing for installation

The first step is to empty the room (or rooms) prior to the installation. You will want to clear out any closets and cabinets, not just to make them lighter but also to avoid damaging their contents when you move them. Pack the contents safely in boxes or crates and store them somewhere out of the way until after the installation. If you cannot move heavy furniture, your floor installers may be willing to help.

Wood floors are a natural product, so they must always have time to contract or expand according to the environment before installation. A few days is usually sufficient, but this can vary according to the species, so always check. If you’re sourcing the materials yourself, it will be your responsibility to make sure they have sufficient time to acclimatise before the agreed installation date. Installing wood that is not fully acclimatised may compromise its stability later.

Any floor installation will inevitably cause a certain amount of disruption, especially if you’re having it finished onsite, so inform any neighbours who may be affected by the noise. People in Liverpool tend to be friendly, but everyone appreciates prior notice of any disruption.

If the floor needs to be sanded (i.e. you’re using unfinished materials), there will likely be some floating debris, so be sure to cover any furniture that may be exposed to this. Once the finish is applied, you just need to stay off it long enough for it to dry before you can enjoy your beautiful new floor.

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