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Everything you need to know about carpet cleaning in Liverpool

People often wait far too long with carpet cleaning, sometimes because they don’t know how easy it can be. You don’t need to get down on your hands and knees and scrub or even labour with a domestic carpet cleaner. Hiring a good professional carpet cleaner can give much better results, and there are treatments available to prevent future stains.

Find a reputable carpet cleaner

Your first priority should be to find a professional carpet cleaner with a good reputation of working in the Liverpool area. It’s all too easy for the inexperienced to set themselves up as carpet cleaners or for transient operators to work an area before moving on and leaving their customers with substandard work.

You should be especially wary of any company that contacts you by phone and quotes a price, as well as any outfit that advertises prices per room, such as on a leaflet through your door, especially if it lacks complete contact details. Good carpet cleaners know that a professional job depends on the room size and carpet condition, so they will usually want to visit you before providing a free estimate.

Disreputable carpet cleaners may employ a “bait-and-switch” approach, whereby they lure customers in with cheap advertised prices and then find reasons to raise the price, such as for removing furniture, treating stains and so on. The end result may also not meet your expectations, and inefficient machinery may mean the carpet stays wet for days rather than the usual few hours.

Make sure a service uses the right chemicals

Any new chemical has the potential to negatively affect your carpet’s appearance. Fortunately, most carpets can handle the chemicals used by professional carpet cleaners, but you can always ask for a test patch to be treated during the initial survey for your own piece of mind.

If you have a relatively new carpet with a warranty, you may also want to confirm that any chemicals used in the cleaning process will not invalidate your warranty.

Carpet cleaners can also remove stains

The typical Liverpool home sees its fair share of accidents, and these can be reflected in a stained carpet. A good carpet cleaner, however, can apply expertise and professional equipment and products to effectively remove tough stains like wax, blood, and red wine without damaging the carpet.

Look for guaranteed satisfaction

Any good carpet cleaning company will stand by its work, so steer clear of any companies that either do not guarantee their work or look like they may not be around to honour it. Not everyone is perfect, though, so it is only fair to give a company a chance to correct any minor issues before demanding a refund.

Keeping your carpet clean

Once your carpets are cleaned, you can safeguard them by having a protective solution applied that will act as an invisible barrier against future stains.

You can also protect against future dirt and damage by regularly vacuuming your carpets, such as twice a week for relatively high-traffic areas or daily for even busier areas, or those with pets.

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