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EU ban stops sales of high wattage vacuum cleaners

As of this month, EU regulations banning the sales of vacuum cleaners with motors higher than 900w have come into force.

Before the ban, many vacuum cleaners were on sale with motors up to 1,600w, leading some to wonder whether new vacuum cleaners will be less effective.

According to consumer group Which?, however, many 900w cleaners are as efficient as more powerful ones because of better technology. Regulations mean that modern vacuum cleaners are required to have minimum cleaning standards, which has resulted in an improvement in the average performance on current models of vacuum cleaners. Cleaners are now more durable and will tend to last longer than older models.

Some cleaners are better at picking up larger debris such as crumbs, fluff and hair. Which? tests cleaners on a variety of surfaces and with different forms of dirt. Ideally, a vacuum cleaner should work equally efficiently on all floor surfaces and with all types of dirt.

There is a trend for cordless vacuum cleaners, but Which? points out that not all cordless models perform well.

A modern domestic vacuum cleaner is ideal for keeping on top of the day-to-day dirt on your carpets, but often fails to reach the deep down dirt, especially on deep pile carpets. Commercial vacuum cleaners are more powerful and efficient than the 900w limit for domestic models. This is why it is important to regularly hire professional carpet cleaning for your Cheshire home or office carpets.

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