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Environment Agency says contract flooring contracts must be circular

The Environment Agency is committed to the government’s target of the UK achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030. As part of this approach, the agency has imposed waste reduction and recycling conditions on all its supplier agreements. Contracts for flooring insist on a circular approach, in which waste flooring is recycled to make a new floor covering.

According to Materials Recycling World, James Bevan, the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, and its Chair Emma Howard Boyd, said that by 2030, the agency aims to reduce its carbon emissions, as well as those in its supply chain, by a total of 45%. They added that:

“We will offset the rest through projects that harmlessly lock up carbon and offer wider benefits, such as reduced flood risk and more habitat to boost biodiversity. We will do this while continuing to deliver our other core aims.”

The agency is working with flooring suppliers to make sure that they take back any flooring offcuts and recycle them to make new flooring.

There are many environmentally friendly options for contract flooring in Cheshire. Wood flooring is a natural product, and recycling wood offcuts is easy. Laminate, carpets and vinyl flooring are not as simple to recycle, but many manufacturers have developed floor coverings that contain recycled materials and that are easier to recycle.

The Environment Agency encourages consumers to consider end-of-use disposal when purchasing floor coverings and other materials in order to reduce the consumption of resources and decrease carbon emissions.

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