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Enthusiasm for DIY hampered by skill shortage

Recent research has indicated that the British public are sometimes deterred from doing DIY due to a lack of skills and knowhow.

The YouGov report looked at the aptitude of almost 2,000 individuals. Nearly 25 per cent of the sample confessed that they lacked the ability required to change a plug with ease. Around 40 per cent of those surveyed admitted putting up shelving would be a daunting prospect.

Other tasks that people suggested could be problematic included the likes of wallpapering. This data could suggest that the demand for professional carpet cleaning in Cheshire, and older such services, is high.

Chris Hellawell, an expert who has founded the Edinburgh Tool Library, has argued:

“The DIY industry may be in decline, but it will never die. The way in which the industry works is changing though. It’s not about men in the garage or the shed any more, it’s about both men and women, who want to create something themselves.”

Some people in the industry – like Jen Gales, who founded the website Make Do and Mend-able – have contended that a generation gap has emerged in terms of skills, while the changing behaviour of the different genders has also provoked comment. However, Véronique Laury, the chief executive of Kingfisher, has expressed confidence in the idea that young people are willing to acquire new skills.

Recent research by the Automobile Association has indicated that in the first half of 2015, DIY stores have been finding it hard to compete with garden centres.

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