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Enhance your flooring with regular sandings in Liverpool

Having wooden flooring throughout your home is a great idea for so many reasons. For one thing, it lasts much longer than carpet and many other cheaper flooring choices, which means that it is more affordable in the long run. For another, it is much more hygienic than other flooring solutions and tends to look a lot better too.

Of course, these things are only true if your hardwood flooring is looked after properly. Maintaining your floor well can not only ensure that it lasts a long time, but it can also help to enhance the look of the wood further, making your home even more attractive than before.

When it comes to proper maintenance, floor sanding in Liverpool is an essential part of sustaining your wooden flooring. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a floor sanding professional today:

Smoother floors

One of the things that regular floor sanding does is ensure that your hardwood surfaces are as smooth as possible. Smoothed floors not only look better, but they also feel great under foot as well.


Floor sanding in Liverpool helps to get rid of a thin top layer from your floor. This brings forth fresh untouched woodgrain from below, which basically makes your surfaces look as good as new, especially when you seal and polish it after its latest sanding.

Remove scratches and scrapes

No matter how careful we are around our homes, accidents can and do happen, and the longer we have hardwood flooring installed in our homes, the more likely it is that they will succumb to scratches and scrapes. Sanding the floor regularly will help to remove these tell-tale signs of an older floor.


If you want to give your home a new look, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then a professional floor sanding in Liverpool can make all the difference. Once your floor is freshly sanded, you can then re-stain it in a fresher colour, which will give your home a lift and a clean new appearance without you having to completely redecorate.

How often should you sand your floors?

Floor sanding should be carried out regularly, but not too often if you want to keep your surfaces looking at their best. We would say that the optimum time to re-sand your hardwood flooring is once every 10 years, although you may need to add in additional sanding sessions if your flooring becomes damaged.

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