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England’s carpets threatened by dramatic rise in moth population

English Heritage, which runs many of Britain’s historic country houses, has said that the number of moths in its properties has doubled in the past five years.

Amber Xavier-Rowe, the head of conservation at English Heritage, said that this increase was probably due to the warm weather over the last five years, perhaps meaning that global warming is increasing the insect population.

Eltham Palace was featured in the television series Brideshead Revisited and Hercule Poirot. An infestation of moths recently threatened the fabrics inside the house. Carpets and curtains needed special heat treatments to kill the insects.

English Heritage has a budget of around £1m a year to clean its houses. Without regular cleaning, the moths would damage precious textiles including carpets, curtains and upholstery.

English Heritage has created a project to establish the moth population of England. Visitors to English Heritage properties can take home a free moth trap, which contains a female sex pheromone that lures moths into the trap. Glue inside the trap prevents the moths from leaving, and people using the traps can count how many moths get trapped, then send the numbers to English Heritage to be added to a moth population database. The project will then look at how to eradicate the moth problem.

The increase in moth numbers highlights the need for regular professional carpet cleaning in your Cheshire home, as well as the many heritage homes that can be found in the county.

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