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Engineered wood flooring transforms London pub

A historic pub in London’s Mayfair has been upgraded with engineered wood flooring.

The Footman in London’s Mayfair district is one of the capital’s oldest pubs and it has been a favourite hospitality venue since 1749. It was originally named The Running Horse and was a favourite drinking spot for footmen that served the households of Mayfair. One of the regular footmen customers bought the pub and renamed it the Footman. The pub is on three floors and features private VIP experience rooms on the upper floors.

The pub has recently undergone a major refurbishment. The owners wanted to use the finest materials to upgrade the interior to create a rustic, elegant and upmarket look to attract returning customers. They chose engineered wood for the floors to add the natural, elegant look of real wood to the space.

Wood planks were installed in a parquet-style herringbone pattern to create a traditional look. They used top-quality engineered wood, which is an investment but is very durable and easy to maintain. Engineered wood is liquid resistant, meaning it will withstand drink spills – making it ideal for both domestic and commercial areas.

Adding engineered flooring to Wirral and Cheshire residential and commercial properties is an ideal way to upgrade rooms to a luxurious look and feel. Engineered wood is practical and easy to maintain, and planks can be arranged parallel or in herringbone and other patterns. Engineered flooring adds value to a home and is a sustainable, natural material.

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