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Engineered flooring in Cheshire – an affordable natural look

Engineered wood floors in Cheshire rooms are an affordable alternative to solid wood flooring if you want natural-looking floors.

Why natural?

Consumers in Cheshire are increasingly turning to natural products. There has been significant growth in unprocessed natural products like wholefoods and clothing made from cotton and wool. At the same time, considerable media attention has been given to the issue of discarded plastic polluting the oceans. Wood feels and looks so much better than plastic. Natural materials can be recycled, and wood can be sanded and used again. If made from reclaimed timber, its eco credentials are even greater.

Cheshire residents enjoy beautiful natural areas such as Delamere Forest and Alderley Edge. Understandably, they like to bring a touch of nature into their homes with house plants, solid wood furniture and wood floors.

Natural without the price

A popular form of natural floor covering, wood is available in a variety of shades from light to dark. For some people, solid wood flooring is outside of their budget, so engineered flooring is a less expensive alternative. It has a top layer of real wood that makes the look of engineered floors almost indistinguishable from solid wood flooring.

Laminate flooring is even cheaper, but even though it is made from wood materials, the wood pattern on its surface is printed on. Modern printing technology has made laminate flooring look realistic, but, unlike engineered flooring, close examination reveals that the laminate floor is not made from solid wood.

Installing engineered wood floors can add value to a Cheshire home, and should make a house easier to sell.

Installing engineered wood

Engineered wood can look like wood planks but also comes in a parquet woodblock style. It’s available in a variety of wood types and shades and is quicker to install than solid wood flooring, so installation costs should be lower. For most surfaces, an underlay is required.

When engineered wood is better than solid wood

Solid wood can be damaged by moisture, so is not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Solid wood could be an issue near doors to the outside. On rainy Cheshire days, any water dripping off people and their umbrellas as they enter the building should be wiped up promptly.

Specialist water resistant engineered wood has been developed that can be installed in bathrooms, halls and other areas where high moisture is expected.

Restoring engineered wood

Quality grades of engineered wood are designed to last a long time, but if they do become worn or scratched, floors can be sanded and refinished to make them look like new again. You can do this a limited number of times compared to solid wood, but sanding will considerably extend the life of an engineered wood floor.

Engineered wood in Cheshire is suitable for residential and commercial properties in any room where you want the luxury style of natural wood without paying top prices for solid wood. Your local engineered wood flooring supplier has samples for you to see how engineered wood flooring enhances a room.

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