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Elderly people advised to install non-slip flooring before retiring

A building expert has advised people approaching retirement age to install non-slip flooring in their homes.

Most people approaching their retirement have planned financially with savings and pensions, but not many have planned home renovations. Carmina Natividad of Wincrest Bespoke Builders, says that home renovations should be carried out before you retire in order to have a better quality of life when you become older and frailer.

Renovations she advises include replacing doorknobs with lever handles, updating lighting, installing grab bars and improving energy efficiency.

As we get older, bones become more brittle which can result in falls causing serious injuries. Hard floors can be dangerous for elderly people. Carmina recommends replacing them with non-slip, shock-absorbing flooring. In a living room, a soft carpet may be sufficient, but this is not practical for high moisture areas like bathrooms. Slip-resistant vinyl or rubberised non-slip floors are better.

Retired people tend to spend more time in their homes when they no longer have to go to work. Pre-retirement is an ideal time to redecorate, buy new furniture and install new flooring so that your home looks like a ‘dream home’.

The proportion of people over 65 living in Cheshire is increasing. It is important to have a comfortable retirement. Installing non-slip flooring in Cheshire homes is a good idea to protect your future health. Health centres and other properties where elderly people visit also have non-slip flooring to prevent falls that can cause serious injuries.

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