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Eco concerns to shape future of buildings

Environmental issues are affecting the design and construction of new buildings, with flooring very much part of the green revolution.

The shortage of housing is the subject of much political debate, with the government encouraging the building of new affordable houses. This is especially the case in London, where many people on average wages cannot afford to purchase a house. Affordability is not the only issue affecting the building of new houses, however, with eco concerns also influencing how they are constructed.

As people become more aware of climate change issues, they focus on how buildings are made. Ecofriendly homes are attracting buyers who support the use of sustainable natural materials, such as wood flooring. It has been suggested by some housing experts that energy efficient homes that use natural sustainable materials or recycled ones will be the norm in the future.

Architect Lord Norman Foster believes that sustainable materials will increasingly be used in office buildings. He said:

“Future generations will be much more demanding and much more questioning in terms of what a potential employer will be doing to tackle climate change.”

He thinks that there will be a shift towards working environments built on environmental principles that use sustainable materials.

When installing solid flooring in your North Wales office or home, consider hardwood flooring. It makes for a stylish and environmentally friendly material, provided it is sourced from sustainable forests. Cork is another covering suitable for the green-minded homeowner.

If you already have wooden floors in your North Wales premises but they look worn, floor sanding and retreating can revive them.

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